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Españoles! os invito a pasar un día conmigo! El próximo sábado 21 podréis disfrutar de algunas actividades conmigo las cuales he preparado en el Centro Comercial Loranca a las 12:00! No os lo perdáis!

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Lyon e-Sports #7 LDLC League of Legends winners cup. Ease claimed it already! MINE ò_ó

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We are ready to introduce you to the Gamers2 Gaming Mansion. Shown and explain from top to bottom by me! This gaming house is a project where all the members of the team live and work in the same environment… Read More »

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Computex 2014 – Taipei Ozone – oceloteWorld The future of peripherals is here!

By oceloteWorld, June 2, 2014 14 News

We are hungry. We want to reach LCS. We will reach it, we know it. This is just another step. A hard one, but a step. Semifinals will take place the 12th of June @ 22:00 CET vs NiP. The… Read More »

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Athene took his time to thank everyone that helped him reach millions of gamers to help out these kids. Props to him. Really.

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Today, at 22:00, you can watch us play the Quarter Finals of Coke League from The path starts. #lolesports