Ozone OceloteWorld FACEIT Tournament

We have teamed up with Ozone and FACEIT, to organize a tournament where you can win the newly released Ozone OceloteWorld products.

From 18th  December to 22nd January you can have the chance to win the new products by Ozone-OceloteWorld just joining us on Faceit platfom to show your skills at LOL.


Two different tournaments, more options to be one of our winners!

  • The Ozone Ocelote Night:  Matchmaking with Ozone dedicated Ladder tournament. Every Thursday from 6pm to 2am.


Every Thursday there will be 3 winners taking home:

1st       Blast Ocelote Headset

2nd      Argon Ocelote Mouse

3rd      Ocelote Mousepad


  • The Ozone Ocelote 5vs5 Tournament: 32 Teams single elimination bracket. Every Saturday at 3 pm.


The prizes given at the final Ladder will be:

1st–5th           Blast-Argon -Mousepad Ocelote Bundle

6th-10th          Argon Ocelote Mouse

11th-15th        Ocelote Mousepad


All EUW LOL players can compete to win so don´t miss out this opportunity to enjoy our tournaments and win this awesome prizes!!


More info at: http://www.ozonegaming.com/community/e-sports/compete-for-our-new-products-ozone-by-oceloteworld-on-faceit/61/


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