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By oceloteWorld, January 26, 2015 1 News

You heard it here first, Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez will be casting the IEM Taipei League of Legends tournament! The tournament takes place in Taipei from 28 to 30 of January. Teams participating: Bangkok Titans, Saigon Jokers, yoe Flash Wolves, Avant… Read More »

By oceloteWorld, January 25, 2015 1 News

Alienware sent me a surprise, I asked what it was and they told me it was a beast. Let’s see what they were talking about! Thank you so much Alienware! The beast specs: Intel Core i7-5820K 6-Cores 3.8 Ghz 16GB… Read More »

By oceloteWorld, December 30, 2014 4 Bio, News

Ozone’s team and Ocelote have worked for more than one year to develop this 7.1 surround sound headset, bringing new concepts regarding ergonomics, comfort and audio performance. Blast Oceloteworld has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding gamers…. Read More »

By oceloteWorld, December 16, 2014 0 News

We have teamed up with Ozone and FACEIT, to organize a tournament where you can win the newly released Ozone OceloteWorld products.

By oceloteWorld, October 8, 2014 1 Bio, News

We could read today in Mashable the following: Playing endless hours of video games could turn you into a millionaire. The world of competitive gaming has turned the hobby into a lucrative sport. Countless tournaments have sprung up over the… Read More »

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By oceloteWorld, June 18, 2014 2 News

Españoles! os invito a pasar un día conmigo! El próximo sábado 21 podréis disfrutar de algunas actividades conmigo las cuales he preparado en el Centro Comercial Loranca a las 12:00! No os lo perdáis!

By oceloteWorld, June 16, 2014 0 News

Lyon e-Sports #7 LDLC League of Legends winners cup. Ease claimed it already! MINE ò_ó

By oceloteWorld, June 2, 2014 14 News

We are hungry. We want to reach LCS. We will reach it, we know it. This is just another step. A hard one, but a step. Semifinals will take place the 12th of June @ 22:00 CET vs NiP. The… Read More »

By oceloteWorld, May 30, 2014 0 News

Today, at 22:00, you can watch us play the Quarter Finals of Coke League from The path starts. #lolesports

By oceloteWorld, May 5, 2014 6 News

Yesterday was the day were the 5v5 ladder freezes for the Coke League. Only the teams that finished Top 10 from EU and EUNE qualify for the Summer Season series, and ending first has it’s benefits for placements matches.

By oceloteWorld, March 12, 2014 9 News

Sometimes, you’ve just got to start with a clean slate. Ocelote’s been around the League of Legends pro scene for quite some time, and most of that time was spent playing mid lane for SK Gaming. The squad was his… Read More »