A young boy named Carlos was born in Madrid on June 15th, 1990. During his youth years he gained  exceptional skills to play computer games on the highest of levels – something he thought could never be very useful. Few people knew him in back in the first few years of his proffessional eSports career (eSports stands for Electronic Sports).

You might be wondering – what is Carlos like? Carlos is a winning character, unusual and quite enigmatic guy. He loves pasta and his favourite meal is lasagne. He is a really big fan of electronic music with “Let the Light Shine in” as his favorite song. When it comes to talking about girls, he likes brunettes and regarding actors, his god is Will Smith.

On the other hand, Carlos, the player started like many others – spending countless hours playing online games. His first
eSports title was Counter Strike and later  Day of Defeat. Since the release of World of Warcraft on November 23rd, 2004 a pretty young ocelote (he was just 14 years-old at that time) would aspire to become one of the best warriors in the world.

His passion for WoW would eventually bring him to the very peak: the 3on3 final at Blizzcon 2009 in Los Angeles (California). Alongside his teammates WoaH: Kae and Inflames he managed to leave some great impression, but most importantly show Carlos’ enormous talent and passion for eSports. Back in the days, streaming wasn’t a popular activity among the pro-gamers, where is now a main source of income with thousands of spectators watching on a daily basis.

After  Blizzcon, ocelote decided to step off from WoW. The steps he did after that are by far the ones that defy him as an eSports personality. A game called League of Legends (LoL) that came on to the market on October 27th, 2009 got ocelote’s attention. He started playing casualy since the beginning of its early beta version. Soon after he decided to take a break to finish his studies and start practising English, an essential tool in his future professional career.

In October 2010 ocelote decided to put an end to this break and returned to League of Legends. This time with a more serious approach. To do that, he joined the Dimegio clan, a  fully Spanish roster. After a while, this experience brings him to play with other big names in the LoL scene  like alth0r and Wickd. This is the point when the German multisquad SK Gaming contacts him again (they previously collaborated in WoW) and his career skyrockets.

He started streaming regularly, and between his comedic quotes and his extreme passion; it is hard not to love him. He gained a large following with his “learning-via-streaming” method, and regularly streams to tens of thousands of his supporters.

In November of 2013, Ocelote officially announced he was leaving SK Gaming. He left on good terms, and even took the time to thank his teammates and team manager. He stayed on as a substitute for a short time to help them requalify for the LCS.

In late February of 2014, it was announced that Ocelote would be part of a new league of Legends team, G2 Esports. They have a management team, sponsors, and even a beautiful gaming house in Madrid. They have made it their vision to transform the way eSports organizations do business, with a focus on the future! 

At present, Ocelote is working hard to ensure qualification for the LCS with G2 Esports. 


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